Friday, September 28, 2007

Today we had a legend kid on " kid's with guitars "

Steve Manning is 9, he amazed everyone with his "Pink Floyd -wish you were here " cover this morning.

He is the youngest Irish kid on My space.

Go to

Check him again on the best of the rooster tomorrow at 10 am.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fair Enough !

This little old lump of rock that is our planetary home is laced with a racial illness, where the tone of your skin can often determine your success and progression in life. Sick , but it’s reality.

Human skin colour can range from deep dark brown to pale and colourless and can be determined by the type of pigment ( melanin ) or by where you reside on the good ship earth!

Camel riding dessert feens tend to be a tad darker then lets say a pasty white arsed plasterer from Bandon , it’s a simple case of exposure to that big old ball of hydrogen.

We are obsessed with getting a colour in this country, let's face it, you look and feel better with a bit of sun wash. But I found this ad on you tube for “ fair and handsome “ it's targeted at Asian men.

An Indian cosmetics company has launched a new skin-lightening cream exclusively for men in an attempt to target the growing number of metrosexual males.

As you can see from the ad it encourages young Asian men to use this cream because fairer Skin men attract the ladies and get laid…of course we doooooo ??

Our nation is lashing on tons of Umpa Lumpa liquids, and their on the white wash buzz ??

Friday, September 21, 2007


Consistently one of the most entertaining and clever comedians is Mr Adam Hill, he is also a huge TV star in his native
Australia. He is at Corks comedy club tonight ( Friday ) and tomorrow – don’t miss him

We have had Adam on the show about 6 times and this morning he was, as always, brilliant craic.

Lenny thought it would be a laugh to introduce him as “iconic 1950’s batman star Adam West “

Before I left the studio today at 4pm we were still getting calls wondering where Batman was on in Cork… im mean come on ????

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Living in Cork 5 years now, I arrived a naïve Mayo lad with little or no knowledge of Corks sporting superiority.

Things have changed.

Got the tickets,

Got the jersey,

Up the Rebels !

Serious .... Feen shut up will'a ?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Got my tickets for Sunday, as a Mayo feen I’m preying for an absolute demolition
Of Kerry on Sunday, partially because of the unforgivable humiliation from last years final.

And fu*k it , Kerry have won it loads, share the love !

Even rebel K9’s are gearing up for the big one.

laughter yoga with John Cleese

Class !