Monday, March 30, 2009

Ladies ... mind your beaver.

Getting your bird back?

We had this tool on the show some time back.

Watch and weep.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thriller in jail !

These jail birds do Thriller ... for the craic I suppose ?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Genius :)

This is a wicked little number !

Royksopp's new track - Happy up here.

Strangly Im liking the Russian brass remix more ??

This is my girlfriends rugby lovin pooch, Macy.

Not only is she the worlds first sporting K9 analyst but she has lazer eyes and can burn a hole in your leg if you piss her off !

When they took the plane out of the Hudson they ended up having to detour through East Rutherford NJ. These roads were not made for planes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cool Steward Rapping Intructions

Can you see one the Ryanair fakebakes doing this ???

God's eye .... the wonky one !

A new spectacular image has been taken of the Helix nebula - one of the most beautiful objects in the night sky.

The photo was taken at the European La Silla Observatory in Chile using a special camera attached to a telescope.

The Helix is a sun-like star and is in its final explosion stage before it retires into a white dwarf.

Shells of gas are blown off the star's surface often in intricate patterns that are lit up by the ultra-violet radiation.

The nebula is often called the 'Eye of God' due to its strong resemblance to a giant eye peering out of space.

Helix nebula is about 700 light years away in the constellation of Aquarius.

It has been studied in much more detail than other planetary nebulae due to its relatively close proximity to Earth.

Although the shape of the Helix resembles a doughnut, scientists believe it consists of at least two separate discs with outer rings and filaments.

The main ring is about two light years across, which equates to about half the distance between the Sun and its nearest star

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monkey Goes Mental and tries to eat woman !

Travis the monkey was shot by cops after attacking a friend of his owner.

This whole thing is a tad weird, the owner had Travis since he was a baby chimp, she fed him filet mignon and lobster tails, they shared cozy glasses of wine. They bathed and slept together. He tenderly brushed her hair. She gave him gifts and sweet kisses. Then he tried to eat her friend when she changed her hair style ?

He also appeared in several TV ad's

But never got paid.

Pissed ..monkey was pissed.

The Brian Cowan Story .. the movie thingy !

Easy like Sunday....

Having a chilled sunny day over looking the fine city of Cork today.

These are my top 3 balcony beats,

Hope you like em !

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thank u :)

So we did not land the Meteor, but for those of you that voted - thank you !

Send in your phone bills to Lenny and he will post ya back a signed
picture of him in the bath.



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why everything should be sold with instructions !

The Sleep Walking Dog

What is this mental dog dreaming about ??

I think he is been chased across a field by a giant cat with a shotgun, notice how
he attempts to jump a ditch, classic.

Lucky the Cat

Are you expecting a heart wrenching story

about a cat that got run over by a truck,

lost a leg, dragged himself 100 kilometres

after being bitten by a snake?

W R O N G!!!!!!!..........

Meet Lucky

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yeah yeah face for radio I know ......

Cant wait for this!

Last day to vote !

Sorry for been a pain in the hoop, but today is the last day for voting the show in to win a Meteor award on Paddy's night.

Please text rdj1 to 085 711 44 44 - free to text if your on 085 :)

Cheers a million for the help :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

This is amazing !

My Dream Wedding

The £100,000 white wedding for a16-year-old girl.What Daddy's little girl wants Daddy's little girl gets. So when Missy Quinn insisted on a big white wedding with her boyfriend, her father said YES. It didn't matter that she was only 16 and the groom 17. Daddy also said yes to a £16,000 wedding dress and Yes to 150 guests at the reception.
Then there were the cars, the hotels, the tiara and the £500 bouquet. Check out the belly-ring... it matches her earrings!In the end, making Missy's wedding dreams come true cost her father a whopping £100,000.

But as his princess, who wants to be a glamour model posed for photographs, her father Simon, 35, declared it was worth every penny. 'I'm very proud of her today,' he said. Missy was just happy to be the undisputed centre of attention. Her dress, studded with Swarovski crystals, and with a 10ft wide train, was so heavy that it took ten guests to help her struggle out of the Rolls-Royce Phantom that brought her to the church. Missy with groom Thomas Moghon, 17, her mother Theresa (who forgot to wear a top) and father Simon 'It was huge. I wanted to outdo everyone else's wedding dress,' she said. 'It was extremely heavy and just standing in the church was really difficult. But despite all that, I felt just like Cinderella.' The bill was around five times the cost of the average wedding. Missy said: 'It cost a fortune, but I've always wanted a big wedding and my dad has been saving for ages to pay for it.' Missy met Thomas at AltonTowerstheme park when she was 13.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Big brother's biggest.

Follow the link below, worlds most powerful camera at Obama inauguration. You can zoom into any face, give it a few sec's to load , unreal!

What have they got that we dont know about ??????]

Richard and the Russian !

This is the thing we have been speaking about on the show. My buddy "Richard the mechanic" is getting emails from the chick below. Now we asked Richard to keep writing to this " hot russian " and pretend to be very interested and to keep dropping hints that he is loaded.

This is the " hot bird " scam and it works like this.

1 They get your email address

2 Send you a letter outlining how much they want a good man and to move outta Russia.

3 Hit you with some hot pictures.

4 Ask you for cash to " fly over and fla ya "

5 Take your money and get sick into a bin laughing at your stupidity.

So were tracking the daily mails on the show.

Ladies and stupid man ... " Richard and the Russian "

So the scammers lash this shit into "babel fish translate" and this is what they send !

Hello my friend Richie.
I am again glad to see your letter. Means, what we really can continue our acquaintance? Well, I think, that I should tell a little about me that we found out each other more. I will ask also you about that you spoke about yourself more. Certainly, I think, that you will not tell to me that I should not hear. But I also hope, that in the future of these secrets between us will be less as we will find out each other further. But I repeat, the more the person has secrets, the it is more interesting to study him. (Curiosity) Well, about me: I have growth approximately 169 centimeters or 170 centimeters. And my weight approximately 55 kg. But it varies a little. (Smile) After dinner, I have weight of 57 kg of 400 gramme and when I do not eat, I can weigh
56 kg. (Smile) Thank the god,

I have no predisposition to adiposity.
Probably, I am similar it on my father? he also has no adiposity. But my mother on the contrary when has given birth to me, she became more full. If you wish to ask me any questions I necessarily will answer you. Certainly, I think, what you want to ask me about why I have no the beloved in 29 years? I think, that time will come, and I will tell to you about it. I has the man in the past. But our attitudes were finished already for a long time. And I do not wish to recollect it.
What about me? I believe in the god. But I am not religious. I go to church not so frequently. When is difficult for me, I ask the god about the help when it is easy for me, I thank the god. Therefore, I can not speak much about the god. I simply live, and I know, that behind my life, as well as behind lifes of other people, the god observes from above. And I try to live so that I had no shame before the god. Well, I will finish about me, I am simple do not know what to write to you. Certainly, I can speak you about my work, about my life, about my attitudes with parents and many other things.

Therefore I hope for continuation of our acquaintance. And probably our acquaintance will be completed by love??? Though if to think now of it, I mean will be frivolous. Time will come, and we will see, what attitudes we will have. Here in OMSK mine mum and daddy have met. In one and a half year in their family I have appeared. Unfortunately, I am one child in family. I have no brother or the sister. I remember, as I asked in the childhood mum about brother or the sister. Mum then has answered, that she and daddy will think of this question. In a result, I have all the same remained one child in family. Well, I will finish the letter. I will wait for your letter.

Your new friend, Natalia.
" Next time on Richard and the Russian .....................stay blogged "