Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cheers to you a cd that tell you ur amazing ..*ollox's:)

Meteor award alert !



He's back , begging again. But it's all in the name of beating the Dubs ( see im tapping into the patriotic devotion that run’s through the blood of all Cork citizens )

We need your help to land a 2009 Meteor award.

The event is happening on Paddys day, so we have 6 weeks to hammer this.

Please ( hate asking but ill buy you a pint ) text rdj1 to 085 7114444 ( 400 times a day if you can ) :)

You can vote for free if your 085 - 12 c other networks.

Thank u !

( yes, i know its says 2008, my graphic' man is on the case )

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentine Singles Night For Charity

It’s happening at the Imperial Hotel on the 13th February (Friday b4 valentines day). Collecting for The Hope Foundation and the street children of India. The night is a tongue in cheek version of a singles night with a blind date show , lock and key, optional speed dating. There will also be a DJ (Ed Callanan) and a number of raffles and draws on the night. For tickets contact Aoife O'Driscoll at 087-0526148 with tickets at 25 euro's. All money raised is going to charity.

Why i dont drink Tequila

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Babies just know ....

AND ..................

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jizz in my pants ( ahem )

It's on release on i tunes only, featuring Justin Timber'lad and Meadow from Sopranos !

Too Funny ....

Legend !

A very Sad e-mail from Fred !

If anyone offers you any of this gear call the Cops !

Hi Kc

All these items were taken from the FRED van Within the last 6 days we think.It was parked ,ironically enough,across from Anglesea Garda Station,Anglesea St,Cork City.

If anyone knows anything at all about our gear please phone the fred line 0860786943

no gear - no gig - no fred......

1 Fender Blues Junior re issue amp with tweed finish,...........

1 Fender sunburst precision bass(size to come).........rare
1 Fender Stage 100 amp,......
1 Pearl masters white marine pearl finish with gold trim rack tom
drum;(12"x8") in rigid black case with yellow straps on catches, of a kind
1 Pearl Masters sparkly blue snare drum with chrome trim()14"x6" kept in worn wine coloured case covered in old stickers(1 Sparta prague F.C. sticker included) with black tie strap,........

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sign of the time's ??

The seriousness of the current economic climate failed to dampen the comedic spirit out Kylemore way last week, with one local ironically suggesting that the ‘Recess-ion’ was just 17km away (and not Connemara village, Recess!).

Wanna win your wedding on the show ??

Wedding reception at the Blarney Golf Resort & Spa worth €18,500
Package includes: Wedding reception for 120 people including the bridal party - 3 course menu; 25 bottles of red wine and 25 bottles of white wine; mulled wine or fruit punch reception with tea, coffee and canap├ęs; afters food - 120 sausages/sandwiches, spring rolls, tea and coffee; the bridal suite for wedding night; 10 rooms complimentary, champagne for bridal party on arrival; complimentary lunch the following day for the bridal party; and a complimentary bar extension for non residents until 1.30am.

Were asking you to send in your creative shots of you proposing to your partner, just make it funny !

Here are some of the latest.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If your doing nothing Friday night please get to this ...


On Thursday January 15th and Friday January 16th there will be a number of events in Cork to pay tribute to the birthday of Robbie O' Connor, who passed away from cancer last April. All proceeds from these tributes will go to Marymount Hospice and Arc House. On Thursday the 15th at 8PM there will be a table quiz with loads of prizes at the Cotton Ball bar in Mayfield. The following evening at 8PM there will be another event, this time upstairs at the Pavilion on Carey's Lane. As Robbie would have liked, it will be a great night out with loads of music and special guests and everyone is welcome to come along!

On Thursday 15th there will be a table quiz at the Cotton Ball in Mayfield in aid of cancer as a tribute to Robbie O' Connor hosted by KC and Stevie G

On Friday January 16th upstairs at the Pavilion the Robbie O' Connor memorial will continue at 8pm with music from Shane Johnson, Stevie G, KC, Colm Kenefick and special guests, with all proceeds going to the Marymount Hospice and Arc House

For further info contact Rossi at 0868605901

Jerry Flannery's Hair is more important than timekeeping

So I take it Jerry lost a bet, had to squeeze into a pink T and carry the sign and
the fog horn around the streets.

He is actually a legend, great craic.

Just found this as well, Jerry breaks into the " back street boys " in an airport , classic !

Monday, January 12, 2009

Daniel Merryweather - Change

Tune of the year .. for me .. so far :)

Also my record of the week this week !

By the way.......

I think he looks like a young Brendan O Connor with a dodge " its cool in school for now " hair cut !

What goes through your mind when someone says "Let's go for a drink"?

Thank god your a man.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Thursday, January 08, 2009

One of the best beer ad's in a while !

This is the vid we spoke about today ....unreal

Copy this link ...

I would have loaded it to here but they wont allow me to embed the clip]

'olloxs !

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

This is one of my fav t'internet video clips of all time, just so good.

This is up there too...


The world renowned ‘BODIES’ exhibition is coming to Dublin this January 2009. This extra ordinary exhibition features real, whole and partial body specimens that have been dissected and preserved through an innovative process. The exhibition will allow you to view your body and its organs like never before. Taking place at the Ambassador from January 24th this will be the best thing you can visit this year – So far the exhibition has been in Amsterdam, New York, Paris and Budapest to name but a few with many a famous face turning up to check it out including Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Bruce Willis, Kim Catrell, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jim Carey and Outkast.

You really do have to see it to believe it !.

Dr. Roy Glover world renowned Medical Director will be in Dublin to launch the Bodies Exhibition on January 22nd – He will be available for interview from 12pm on this day – There will also be a short press conference before hand to give you a brief outline of the exhibition. If you are interested in seeing the exhibition before anyone else and interviewing Dr. Glover please get in touch so I can arrange a suitable interview time for the day and you will also be able to bring a photographer to get some brilliant pictures.

In the meantime why not check out the website: