Thursday, March 22, 2007


Be the first in Cork to own a Playstation 3 .

We are giving this away friday morning , tune in 6-10 am


ha ha ha

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Let's face it, the current Irish Rugby team is astounding, the best ever many would argue, so do you think this signed jersey would look good hanging up in your gaff?

Were helping Catriona O’Connell raise some cash for the project below. Read on ….

The Belarusian Orphanage Project was founded in Cork by Ed Jordan, formerly of Profile Model Agency, who ran many transition year fashion shows in Cork City. The Belarusian Orphanage Project is a voluntary registered Charity working to meet the needs of 2,000 differently-abled Children and Adults in Institutions and Orphanages in Minsk, Belarus. Volunteers participate in special projects, during the summer months, aimed at providing the residents of the 3 institutions in which we work, with a break from their institutionalization, by organizing activity programmes, summer camps, day trips and general ‘good fun’ projects. Owing to state law, those in our care cannot leave Belarus for rest and recuperation holidays abroad, so B.O.P. brings the fun to them. For more info check out

E-mail KC@REDFM.IE with you bids on this,

We start the bidding at 650 euro,

Get em in, this is worth a fortune inthe long term !

Wednesday, March 14, 2007




Part 1: Expressions

1) C’mere Timme = Excuse me
2) I will yeah! = No!
3) What’s the story fella? = how are you?
4) hows the form? = hows it it hanging?
5) You would yeah! = you wouldn’t dare!
6) Here la = here you are
7) There la = its over there / look over there
8) State a him la = He looks bad
9) (Ah / Awe) now sham = thats good
10) I claim ya = I would really like to engage in a fight with you.
11) Pure = very
12) Two shits = care
13) Couldnt give two shits = I don’t care
14) Like = this word is used at least once in every Cork sentence. eg Ah know like you understand dont ya?
15) Like eh = Used as a hesitation at the start of a sentence.
16) Nawful (hes a nawful langer) = terrible
17) Bate = beat up, used with da shit. eg I’ll bate da shit outa ya
18) have a lash off = have a go
19) lash into hash = Smoke cannabis
20) be wide = be careful
21) sketch = Theres someone coming (be wide)
22) Be doggy wide = Be extra careful
23) How bad bhoy = Good
24) Bhoy (pronounced-by biya) = man /person. Not necessarily a Celt.
25) A trip in the white van = A trip in an ambulance

Part 2:Nouns & Verbs

26) Brasser / stella / tramp / trollup / whorebag = prostitute
27) Stella = girl who wears her hair up in bob, chews on gum, has earrings the size of hula hoops, and mostly norries (see no.73)
28) Jammy Rag = a tampon
29) Steamer / bender /queer /ass-bandit / faggot /puff / gaylord = homosexual
30) Hairy = child molester / paedophile or old person /experienced
31) Blouse = Steamer, a male with feminine traits (ya fuckin’ blouse)
32) Wan / bure = female
33) Young wan = female child
34) boy / fella / fein /feeno /your man = male
35) Small fella = Male child
36) Mam / Dad / Ole Man / Ole Laid / Oul fella / Oul wan = mother/father
37) Lulla / subla / din-din / a suck / cream crackers = knackers
38) Apache = joyrider
39) salk = stolen car
40) sham = young male / hard man or knacker
41) sham-feen = macho / hard man
42) Snout / gonker /snoz = nose
43) Gib / gap / gant / gearbox /pussy / bush / muff = vagina
44) Pussy = chicken shit or faggot (see no.29)
45) Langer / langerdan = arsehole
46) Gowl (Ghoul) = stupid person
47) Gimp = fuckin eejit
48) Gimpy walk = person with the mousy walk (wabbling from side to side)
49) Fifty = stood up
50) Poppies / tatties = potatoes
51) Yolkes = ecstasy
52) Duby / chatnospoof = hash
53) a nodge = a small bit of hash
54) a knock = a lump of hash of any size
55) a deal = 10 pounds worth of hash
56) a score = 20 pounds worth of hash
57) shades / law / blue bottles / pigs = Gardai
58) two-bulb / shad mo-beal (awe now feen pull a leggar) = squad car
59) pig stie = Garda station
60) speedy = garda motorbike
61) gatch = walk
62) snobby fuck / faggot = well-off person
63) gammy = deformed
64) jag / doing a line / jaggin / meetin a wan / with / scoring = going out with
65) gatt / lush / drink = alcoholic beverages
66) gattin / on the piss / gettin langers / pintin / on the tear = going drunkin (in a pub)
67) bushin = going drinking on the street
68) reff / reefin / mangle = beat up / beating up
69) lamp / skanse / la = look
70) droppin / wizz = need to piss
71) hangin = need a fag
72) wah / whacker = scumbag
73) norrie = person from the northside of the city
74) frame / kit = woman’s body
75) flaa = good looking girl
76) feak = see no.75
77) Is she feakin = is she fuckable
78) drain the weasel / go for a slash / take a piss = urinate somewhere

Part 3 : Place Names

79) Grawn : Gurranabraher
80) Knocka: Knocknaheeney
81) Mahn: Mahon
82) da Han: Ballyphehane
83) Tokor: Togher
82) da Glen: The Glen
83) Pana: St. Patricks Street
84) Flying bottle: The HolyHill Inn
85) da Peace Park: Bishop Lucey Park
86) Clon: Clonakilty
87) Crosser = Crosshaven
88) da Cross = Turners Cross
89) Golden Wheely bin land = Douglas
90) Fanny city = Grange (the women r unbalieverable up there)
91) The smell = the halting sit

Friday, March 09, 2007


I need to vent about something, please bear with me….

Don’t know much about Mr Keith Duffy, what him of Boyzone fame and current MC on the telly for the “ you’re a star” show. A mate of mine, Jim, who also works in radio says he’s a cool enough guy, I’d trust Jim’s judgment, but I had a different experience with him during the week.

This is the way it works generally, you have a T.V. show that requires public P.R. so you hire a P.R. company, and they get in contact with radio stations and see if you wanna chat to the acts or the presenter. So at the Red Rooster daily production congregation it seemed like a good idea to have a chat with Keeeee Duffy and knock a bit a craic out of him. He was not able to do a live bit on the show so we needed to record him, but in order to record him we require his phone number so we can dial it from our computer in the studio and progress… ya still with me … good.

He called my mobile on “private number mode” and refused to give us his digits to call him back saying “ no waaaaay man, I don’t give me number ta no body , people do’s be ringing me and wrecking me head and annoying me bird “ … something to that effect , so I tried in vain to explain that if we cant call him back we cant record this interview, “ sorry man, no can do, I don’t give me number ta nooooo body “ and he hangs up.

In Keiths mind of course I should have have been able to record the interview on my own mobile phone , ya know , the new Nokia 55 50 with built in Pro -Tools and home studio ... W.T.F.?

Now, if I had just got of the phone with Mick Jagger or the Hoff I would calmly reflect on their global status as major figures in the fucked up world of celebrity and totally understand their situation, but this is Keeeeee Duffy acting like a pox bucket.

I was more fried about the fact that Lenny and I waited until 4 in the evening to do the interview (were in work since 5am at this stage)

I could have been down the orphanage finishing off that tree house I started building for the kids; Lenny cancelled his appointment to get his crack waxed, what a kick in the ball bag from someone who used to jump around in an orange boiler suit doing shite Donny Osmond covers.

F*ck you Duffy, I loved your work man.

Keep an ear out for our new sketch about "Keeeeeee" singing songs about his

Best of the RED ROOSTER tomorrow from 10 am.

Have a wicked weekend.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Are you skint ? in need of a drink? got the occasional tendency towards slaying small animals in ceremonious blood drenched sacrifices to the dark side ?

Well then it's time to play the caption game ( cue cheesy gameshow themed music)

Win a 5 euro note , a box of tea bags , and tickets for Slayer in Cork this summer.

e-mail with your best caption for the above perplexing photo of a fake woman and a controversial Cork rugby pundit.

And by the way what the fu*k was Gorge hook doing launching MAC cosmetics ?

The man is a legend but he has a face like a blind cobblers thumb.

Maybe it's a clever marketing contrast , this is what you will end up looking like if you don't join Pam Anderson and splash out on our extravagant products.

Anyway send in your answers with " caption competition " as the subject to

You could be brewing a hot pot and headbanging with a crispy fiver in your back burner.