Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bum Rush.

Hello Boys and Girls …

Today we learned all about “ colonic irrigation “ can you say that word … co lon ic irrr aaaa gation .. very good !

Mandy a regular listener to the Red Rooster had not dropped the kids off to the pool for 5 days, she has just given up the smokes ya see !

As you can imagine she was concerned about her constipation conundrum, who you gonna call “ poo busters “

Susan from the Sante Clinic in Middleton was listening into the daily discussion and called in to tell us that our suggestion of “getting the girl to stand on her head and employing the services of a snake charmer “ would not work – now that would be funny !

She told us all about her job as the human Dynorod, very interesting stuff!

Tune in tomorrow when we will be fusing rabbit D.N.A. with a chainsaw in the hope of revolutionizing the common vibrator.

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