Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Tommy Tiernan is probably one of my favorite Irish men, not just comedian, but his total biological build up of paddy daft lunacy.
He is just such a loveable character and a comedic genius. The energy he puts into his shows is just mind blowing, gag after gag, you don’t have time to think of his last joke because he has already hit you in the face with a new one.

Tommy started about 9 years ago. His first gig was in the Comedy Club in Cork & The GPO in Galway, and to be brutally honest he was piss poor.

But lets face it no matter what you try your hand at for a first time your gonna be pretty shite at it.

Tommy has developed into a master.

He is on the Rooster this week and in the comedy club Thur Fri Sat night.

If you want to win tickets to see Tommy Thursday night answer this question and reply to this post

What is the name of Tommys last dvd ???


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