Monday, December 10, 2007

Broad Band in Kerry .....

Spent Sat night spinning the tuneogs in an great club in Tralee, it's called Fabric, one of the biggest and best designed clubs I have ever played!

So I crashed in a guest house as all the hotels were jammers with xmas work force piss heads who booked in to kip off the partyness. Now it was a pretty nice gaff, 10 rooms, elderly couple running it, all good.

So from my bed I call the repeption to inquire if Broad Band was available as I had the lap top and thought I'd pass an hour shopping for christmas shite.

Me: " hello Misses woman, have you broad band here ??"

Woman : "I'll have a look and send someone to you in 5 mins "

Door: " knock knock "

Woman 2, with confused glare : " here you go "

She handed me a ...... ahem... a broad "elastic " band ??

ah thanks love :):)

Picture posed by model.

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