Monday, January 07, 2008

Sport Billy ???

Somehow we got onto the topic of ladies handbags and their "black hole" properties. Girls can carry infinite quantities of utter shite in something that cost 6 euro to make, but is for sale In Brown Thomas for 900 bucks ????

We thought It would be a good idea if ladies could get themselves a “ SPORT BILLY “ bag …

Sport Billy ????

Press play for some 80’s magic !


Ray said...

Legend! We were talking about that the other day!

On our show!

Today FM, 12 middays!

I love you KC. You pisspot.

K C said...

Really ??

I dont listen to your show foley, I find you loud and annoying,like a good fart....zoopoo

Stop copying us.

Love ya baby :):)

Ray said...

Well, I find you big... and shitty.

Like a big shit.