Monday, April 28, 2008

IN HIS DEFENCE ..........

I was out with a few buddies for dinner sat night and we hit Jacques in Cork, ( it’s savage in there by the way) beside me at the next table there were 3 oul wans In deep debate about the “ Beckham “ picture above. The general tone of the conversation was that of utter disgust at his conduct, him a married man and having a few smallies and the like.

So Becks got caught gawking at some ass ….. ahem …. Would you blame him ??

What red/cold/bloodless male fool would not cop a eye load when a turbo fit cheerleader is shaking her gift 3 feet in front of you ?

Now these “oul wans” who were engrossed in the one sided slating of horn dog Beckham were well into their 60’s and I am pretty sure one of them was at
the official opening of new grange Neolithic tombs 5000 years ago, she was that old !

After a somewhat entertaining 30 minute eve’s dropping we all came to the conclusion that it was not Beckham that they had an issue with, it was the cheer leader. They had studied the photo so intensely that they were able to describe the ring on her finger and the camel toe contours of her skimpy shorts, the jealously bells were ringing in my head.

These elders wished they could go back to that day in the summer of 62’ when they too slipped into little white shorts and horned up local lads would follow them around the village, hormonal pied piper styley.

I have heard so many ladies proclaiming that if it was their fella in that picture then p45’s would be issued and balls would be sliced mid slumber.

Now admittedly if he was caught giving her one in the men’s jacks we would have something to debate, but all he did was have a sneaky peek, big deal. They say you can look at the menu but you don’t have to order anything, was Beckham ravenous ?

Men , We just cant win, im going gay ( happy not homo )

( If my grilfriend happens to read this blog " me ... stare ... never " )

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Diane said...

I had a sneaking suspicion he was making sure her kit was made by Adidas ;-) . In truth my only thought on the hub-bub was that if my husband was sat directly behind a lively cheerleader during a break in the other on-court action (they're only allowed to be lively during the breaks), and craned his neck to AVOID looking at her a**s, I would think he was either ill or trying to hide a guilty conscience for something he had actually done wrong.