Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My childhood heroes ( on the show friday )

It was kids TV with sly adult absurdity at it’s absolute genius best, Zig and Zag started it all.
I grew up watching these guys every single day after school, I can actually remember the day their
Alien space craft crash landed on Ian Dempsey’s head. I think they might have started on his 2fm breakfast
Show every morning ?

Anyway, the entire nation fell in love with these mental aliens. They later introduced “ Zuppy “, Dustin the Turkey,
Ted, and even Podge from the “ Podge and rodge show “ was born on day time telly back in the early 90’s.

The genius creators, Ciran and Mike met in college and have built an Irish Jim Henson’ish empire of comedy puppets including
Podge and Rodge & Bronx Bunny( ya serious that’s them too)

I take my child hood hat off them; they brought us so many happy school days.

Zig & Zag on the show Friday morning,

Can – not – wait.

Did you dance to this?

If the word bollox offends you ... dont watch this!

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