Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ion LP DOCK USB Turntable With Universal iPod Dock:

This is a handy way of getting Vinyl to mp3 or pc.

Simply dock your iPod video (5th gen & Classic) or iPod nano (2nd & 3rd gen) into the cradle and play-and-record vinyl direct to iPod - no computer needed! Once the tracks are on iPod you can instantly listen to the recording.
If you wish you can then connect your iPod to a computer and transfer the recording from iPod to your iTunes library. If you have a PC, the ingenious Gracenote MusicID technology (supplied) will then analyse your vinyl recording and automatically retrieve artists, album and song information for archiving the recording accurately in iTunes!
If you have a Mac, the EZ Audio Converter software lets you easily enter track information.

LP Dock also has USB connection for direct transfer of vinyl to PC or Mac for safe storage and copying to CD/MP3, and using the line-level RCA output it can be used to play vinyl via your home stereo.

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