Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to be a Psychic Spy

Derren Brown - Psychic Spy Advert from Phillis Dorris on Vimeo.

In the 1960s, in response to a leaked KGB video, the CIA spent millions of dollars (the equiv of $75m in modern money) on research into psychic abilities and in particular the principle of remote viewing – the ability to see and describe an object that is hidden from view.

For the show’s main Event, Derren will perform a unique, national psychic experiment with viewers able to take part via the phone or on channel4.com. In it, he’ll get them to attempt match a covered drawing hung in the Science Museum. At the end of The Event, it will be revealed if the drawing matches the images the nation have drawn, Friday 25th September at 9pm.

Take part in Derren’s national remote viewing psychic experiment. Simply concentrate on the photos of the covered picture in the Science museum and use the pen and notepad to draw what comes into your mind. Save and submit your picture and then check back after Friday’s show to see if you can remote view!

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