Monday, December 14, 2009

Steve Rayner Win's the Apprentice.

About 16 weeks ago Steve Rayner was listening to the show and heard us telling people how to apply for the Apprentice on TV3 , he entered , and tonight he just won a 100,000 euro a year job. Yeah :) Nice one Steve !! Delighted. Lenny and I get 10 % and a slab of dutch gold each !

You can hear him win a 100,000 euro a year salary right here

30 year old Steve Rayner came to Ireland in 2005 to look after his ailing grandparents in Cork. Having left the music industry in the UK, he found himself in sales; an area he’d never worked in before. He quickly found his feet and soon began to outpace his colleagues. Within four months of joining Sitcom he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager, and eventually moved up to being a consultant.

In 2008 Steve left the comfort of Sitcom to join fledging telecoms company Imagine, as their senior corporate account manager. Both his parents are school teachers so he doesn’t come from a business background.

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