Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I got sent the first 4 episodes of the new TV smash “Hereo’s” which starts on March 1st on Channel 6 .

It’s fantastic, One of the most addictive shows I have every watched.

The P.R. company only sent out the first 4 episodes on disc which left me hanging for more !

This new drama has been compared to shows like Lost and 24 with its complex plots and focuses on the characters in the stories, watching them grow and develop.

In my opinion Lost is shite. The difference with this show is it gives you the ending in the first show - you know whats gonna happen.

Heroes is the story of a group of everyday people that soon discover that they have supernatural powers. There is a large cast of characters, including Hiro, a Japanese businessman with a penchant for comic books, Claire, that appears to be able to regenerate broken bones, cuts, and more, and Isaac, a young painter that can seem to tell the future while in a Heroin induced haze.
Starts Channel 6 March 1st.

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