Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The ultimate token of love?

Valentines day is on the way , what you gonna get her ?

Over priced poxy cards that make kissy noises when you open them…. My arse !

A panic purchase bunch of battered red nettles from the back of a smokey hi ace van, because the rose shop is sold out ?? … My arse !

How about getting her a colonic irrigation?? ….. My … actually!

Yes that’s right, the rooster anal hygiene team have the ultimate love gesture for you to bag. Win one of two “ couple colonics “ with thanks
To the Sante clinic in middleton.

Relax in the comfortable surroundings of the Sante clinic, gowned up & hand in hand as Susan the suction specialist clears out that lingering
Intestinal toxicity, all courtesy of the Red Rooster show.

Thats love.

Tune in next week for more.


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