Tuesday, April 10, 2007

House parties , the report !

Happy Tuesday,

Captains Log …. Broke the bog.

Alright lad’s n ladies, hope all is good, thanks for having a read of the blog (The invisible arm of contact to listeners)

I'm still unsure about the editorial arrangement for this “ blog “ craic. I’m undecided about how maintain it. Do I just put up funny videos and pictures or is there any point in rambling on about the “crazy “things you did at the weekend?
I mean I could fill it with daily inserts of trivial uninteresting kack and hope that someone out there will be of the illusion that my life is rollercoaster of fun madness and fantasy, or I could be honest with ya and just proclaim the truth, Im a big oul bag of boring shite and nothing THAT exciting really ever happens to me.

Well there was that one time at band camp where I put a gerbil ….. Ah ya wouldn’t be interested !

Good Friday was a really good Friday, was at a pajama party in a crazy house where the door policy was simple, you arrive in slumber attire with a bottle of responsibly and go for it. I was exempt from dressing up as I was co spinning the tunage, and don’t have any pj’s.Themed parties can go really bad id imagine, but surprisingly this was bananas, highly recommended if you bored with the conventional Irish home gatherings. This was followed by cab darting bolt to another themed loony bin, the arrangement was “dress up as a living or dead rock icon”, I shared a jack’s cue chat with slash from guns n roses, Morrissey, Freddie Mercury and some unconscious 80’s icon who fell asleep in the bath.

So today I take my themed hat of those of you in Cork who risk loosing it all buy hosting “ spring break in some shite American movie “ style parties, ya know the ones, people jumping out of windows, some fat lad in the corner, half naked, doing the man boob shuffle encouraged by his demented applauding buddies….

Ya back to reality for another while….

The Frank & Walters were on the show this morning, have a look at the head a hair on Ashley , click below !

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