Monday, April 30, 2007


Yes thats right kids, we are giving you a chance top win this amazing castle ....

The 1,000 acre Castle Leslie Estate boasts the charming and eccentric Castle Leslie with its own Equestrian Centre, Cookery School and Hunting Lodge tucked away in unspoiled countryside. Guests experience the best of Ireland in this unique and original setting with the ancient hardwood forests, rolling hills, green fields, lakes and streams with one of the best pike fishing lakes in Ireland.

This week with the Chivers Jam people were looking for your messed up and funny stories of how you got your self into a jam once and how you got out of it, be creative, make it up for all we care, as long as you fill a link with good banter.

Weekday hampers to be won, at the end of the week some creative writer or storyteller will win this castle.

( winner will own castle for 2 nights with grub and trimmings, must hand back to rightful owners, terms & conditions apply )

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