Friday, October 19, 2007


Alright, so Im legging it through the English Market in Cork City, hark – yonder O Connell’s fish emporium there is a gathering of curious
Shoppers staring at a young lady, she is getting her picture taken.

Well to be exact, she is holding two pissed off looking lobsters and making kissy pouts to the cameras!

Ya, it's exposure w*ore – Katie French

The weird thing was, about an hour previously Lenny and I were roaring laughing at a picture of her in Wednesday’s paper, she had a dog
On her head ???? ya, just like ya rasta man in the Bud Light ad.

I know it’s her job to have her picture taken and lashed across the papers, but …every ….fooking …day ... Zzzzzzzzz !

I discreetly took this shot to send to Lenny (who by the way wants to drive a JCB over her head)


Paul said...

Hey, KC, congrats on the Radio Awards, Music Broadcaster of the year - I expect to hear all about it on Monday!

Good man yourself, glad to see you getting some recognition!



maggie_34 said...

well done on your success wow!!!
my nephew the best DJ sure what would we expect