Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This Morning ..................

................I have mostly been eating Prozac”

We had this guy on from www.godhatesireland.com a fascist f*ck head who hates Irish & Gays, dances on Irish flags and proclaims were all doomed Because of our tolerant attitude to homosexual tendencies in Irish society - not really the normal content of the Red Rooster, but it was just crying out to be covered.

If you missed it we will bang it out again tomorrow morning ( wed) after 8 and on the best of the Rooster sat morning.10 – 12.

There was no point in a serious confrontational interview, so in true Rooster styley we ripped the piss big time. . . it was the funniest thing ever when Lenny started to crack onto this tool !

Check it tomorrow :)

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