Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hello :)

I’ve got a stinging hangover and a Meteor award today and all I can say is thank you
so much for lasing in the votes.... Im absolutely gob smacked.
I honestly expected one of the Dublin dudes to land it , after all they have over 1 million people to hit for votes, there are 350,000 people in Cork - that’s unreal !
I’m down here 6 years and I’m amazed at how much ye support everything that’s going on in Cork.

I was also lucky to have half of Mayo banging in texts, legends.
Fellow Mayo man Ray Foley won too which was a great laugh, he sang “ don’t stop believing “ badly and then tried to score with Keith Duffy backstage.

The other news is we got the ratings on Friday and the Red Rooster show is still number one 15-35 in Cork, an extra 9000 new listeners in the last 12 months …again that’s Cork support for ya, thank you.

So that’s the craic….

Oh and my little sister got married Friday so it been a pretty fooking unreal weekend !


Love ye.


Vivian086 said...

Hey KC.....delighted to hear the news.....of course we all voted 4 ya....think we'd prob fall asleep on the way to college every day without u and himself!lol

We even went online especially to find out if u won(we're away in Carlow for the weekend so no redfm!)

Anyway....wel done!....I'm sure we'll be texting in soon!!:)goodluck with the hangover!lol

Vivian and Ronan xx

Rick O'Shea said...




Vic Barry said...

Fair play ya big pony ya ;)

Ray said...