Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In the mood for giving out ... bear with me !

This is the kind of " fox news'ish " boll*x propaganda that is poisoning
the American election campaign. They take an Obama comment out of context and turn it into this bullsh*t ad.

" Quick ...whip out a soldier boy, ya one that was over in that shit hole country with the oil we want, you know, where that smoke screen war's a going on !!, oh and make sure his leg was blown off .. ya that will look good... make em' all think those bastard iraqi street rats could blow y'all legs off .. oh and play some war time pride drumming in the back ground that builds to a big cheesy vocal singing about ...about...ah America ..fu*k ya"

They should have used this ...

And this is where it started ...

To think this tool could be the new president !

The " bomb iran " joke.

Im hungry.

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