Thursday, September 18, 2008

Me music me like !

The music we play on the Red Rooster is pre selected for our shows, we have to play a particular commerical mix on air to appeal to as many as possible and it's rotated in a way so the big hits play across various shows and hours - yadda yadda wont bore you ....

On air If I was let play the kind of music I listen to at home or like to play in clubs then I would single handly shut Red Fm down in 3 days.

I don't usually buy music, im in a lucky position working in radio you tend to get sent alot of stuff , tho 95% of it is shite.

I insist on paying for quality tho! I bought everything by Ray Lamontange today, along with Mick Flannerys new album called" White lies "

Mick is from Blarney, we had him on the show a few weeks back, the dude is so shy and humble to talk to. We got tons of texts wondering if he was stoned out of his head ,such was his shyness and whispery manner.

He is easily the most talented solo artist to come out of Cork for 20 years.
His album is stunning.

Ray and Mick are very similar, Mick just sounds like he's hurting a bit more.

Check out Rays version of Crazy and buy Mick's album too :)

The end.

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