Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A very Sad e-mail from Fred !

If anyone offers you any of this gear call the Cops !

Hi Kc

All these items were taken from the FRED van Within the last 6 days we think.It was parked ,ironically enough,across from Anglesea Garda Station,Anglesea St,Cork City.

If anyone knows anything at all about our gear please phone the fred line 0860786943

no gear - no gig - no fred......

1 Fender Blues Junior re issue amp with tweed finish,...........

1 Fender sunburst precision bass(size to come).........rare
1 Fender Stage 100 amp,......
1 Pearl masters white marine pearl finish with gold trim rack tom
drum;(12"x8") in rigid black case with yellow straps on catches,.........one of a kind
1 Pearl Masters sparkly blue snare drum with chrome trim()14"x6" kept in worn wine coloured case covered in old stickers(1 Sparta prague F.C. sticker included) with black tie strap,........

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