Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Greatest Cork April fools prank ever ?

Did we pull off one of the best Aprils fools day radio show pranks ever this morning???

Yeah, it was an absolute classic.

Our legendry show sponsors “Blackpool Shopping centre” provided the perfect roof top platform to pull off a stunt that had hundreds looking up in amazement at our planted “ U2 tribute bad “

For two weeks now Lenny and I were hinting at a secret U2 cork gig, and well…. Today was the day.

There were miles of traffic tailbacks as word of mouth chaos spread across the city and everyone tried to get over to Blackpool to see the lads live.

Local suits have a gawk.

The band were amazing, totally pulled it off ( yer man is the pup off Bono )

The guards and fire brigade were in on the prank and even” raided” the gig 45 minutes into the performance.

But the best bit was at the end of the gig “ Bono “ was rushed out of the building by security into a black Limousine as a 2 bike Garda escort spilt the morning traffic and took him back to ……. Ah… his van and crew at the back of the building, rock n roll.

To everyone who helped pull this off, especially John Hartnett, It will go down a one of the greatest Irish radio pranks ever.
You can catch it on TV3 news this evening from 5.30 , also on Six one news, the evening echo news paper today ( wednesday) And tomorrow in the Irish Independant,The Times, Examiner, Star & Sun.
Still Smiling.


fifi100 said...

For a few minutes I must admit that I fell for it but the minute they started I knew ye were winding us!! your man from tv3 came over to me an prob gonna be on the shaggin news later.......did say on camera though that i thought it was a set up and that nothing would surprise me with Red FM!! Bet they'll cut that bit though and make me look like an awful tool!!! Morto!!! Ha ha!!!

Ciccio said...

New this was a prank big time.

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: FAO KC and Lenny
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 08:08:01 +0000

HI guys.

RE. U2 Mini concert in Cork.

You just gave away your April's fool when you said that you can only get tickets for the concert from RED FM.

BTW - I work in the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- and I think that if the concert talk is real (but I am sure is not) I am coming over and beg on air until you give me two tickets for it.


Ciccio said...

Asked around friends and acquaintances - nobody fell for this prank - i think to say it was the best ever is a bit presumptios

ctodd said...

It would be nice of you to give credit to Improv Everywhere, as they famously did this exact same prank in New York City in 2005.