Friday, May 22, 2009



As you may be aware on the Red Rooster we kicked off the “The Red Rooster fit factor challenge “ 12 weeks ago.

Thousands of people applied to take part.

“Key to New You “in Glanworth took charge of 10 listeners and put them on an intensive 12 week course of diet and exercise.

Each contestant was also handed a pair of M.B.T. shoes to assist the challenge.

The results are in.

In total, our 10 listeners lost 20 stone of pure body fat between them, pretty amazing.

The 2 biggest individual “losers “are pictured below.

Garda Brian Murphy has lost 5.5 stone of body fat... LEGEND !

Lisa Healy has lost 4 stone of body fat. ... UNREAL !

Want to do the same ??? go here wont regret it

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