Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The human sax player !

Watching B.G.T. last night and it was round 2 of the " human sax " player.

Funniest thing ever on the show, have a look and come back to this page.

Kayode Oresanya, originally from Nigeria, discovered his “gift” in 1997 after he asked a University friend for Saxophone lessons.

His friend never got round to giving Kayode any lessons, so he started playing an imaginary sax instead. He would hear a sound and then try to mimic it, four months later he had practiced so much that he had become self proclaimed “The Living Sax”.

This man has been doing the " human band " for years.. play the amazing Bobby McFerrin Game , got this mailed to the show this morning !

"KC and Lenny

Heard your bit this morning on the “Human Sax” from Britain’s Got Talent.

Haven’t they heard of Bobby McFerrin? Listen to this track – no instruments used other than his voice.


Cheers Marie :)

Pretty cool eh ?????

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