Monday, June 08, 2009

KC / Lenny / Red Rooster Team,

"I’m a regular guy - 35 and married to Brenda with two beautiful children. I wouldn’t normally be into doing outrageous things, what ever the cause. However, desperate times call for desperate measures! I will be leaving Clonakilty in Cork Tomorrow morning hitching my way to Dublin (Haypenny Bridge), then Galway (Eyre Square), Limerick (O’Connell Street) and back to Cork / Clonakilty. I will be dressed in a White Caddy Suit with a Giant Gift Card, and I will be giving everyone I get a lift with a small thank you in the form of a €50 Gift Voucher. "

Leo is doing this to promote his business

Were gonna follow him around the country for the next few days ...bless him :)

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Wendy from Avon Cosmetics said...

Good Luck Leo your a star. Hope your Business gets a ' Hole In One' after this, cheers