Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feeling Pac'ish this evening!

Sitting at home beside the fire with my pipe and slipper's this evening I drifted off into a sub atomic dreamish teleportation taking myself back to Castlebar airport in Mayo ( yeah we had one, they knocked it down and built a Harvey Norman with a really really long car park ..ffs)

I was 7 years old & I'd wreck the old mans head for giant 10p pieces for a game of Pac man ,while he sank pints with his mates. I would usually play several hundred games for hours and hours until at the end of the night i'd carry my father over my tiny shoulders to the transport box of my David Brown tractor where he would sleep it off while I drove us home over the bumpy teraine of the Mayo outback.

Ahhhh the memories ( Takes bast of pipe )

All these years later no 10p's needed go here

Pacprank :)

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