Wednesday, November 11, 2009


First of all, may I declare something publicly, I work on radio but I am not, never will, never want to be, regarded as “ Celebrity “. I even fu*king hate the word, we cool on that ?? ..ok.

Trust me I’m getting to something here …..

Lenny and I were asked to submit a recipe each to this book. ( Were in a cook book with Gerry Adams F.F.S. .. still laughing at that one )

So, this new book is out and I would love if you could buy it online because ALL the money is going to the breast care fund south infirmary hospital Cork. It’s called “ KISS TO COOK – A SELECTION OF RECIPES FROM IRISH CELEBIRTIES “ Ahem !

Yes there are tons of important people, local sporting giants, some major celebs and chancers , yes Bertie Ahern I'm pointing my wooden spoon at you.

Each individual has contributed a recipe for you to lash into at home.

The book is the brain child of recovered cancer patient Aedin Johnson.

Please help us raise 40,000 euro for the charity.

Click the kiss and buy a few please ..... KISS

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