Monday, November 20, 2006

Hi Everyone,

I know your head is wrecked from charity fundraiser people pouncing on you from every alley and street , people who jump out from behind wheelie bins and lamp posts with their sometimes forceful “ sing up now “ campaigns.

Most of you I’m sure have some sort of direct debit donation coming out of your accounts, but this is a quick once off for the festive season, so I hope you can help.

At the moment on Red Fm were running a major ad campaign to drive listeners into calling this number 1850 413 413 and to make a donation to barnardos, they do a huge amount of great work and need some help !

But the concentration here is about Cork.

5 euro to 50 grand , your call, your donation.

It’s for Cork Kids. Kids who live in bad conditions, no heat, no hot meals, no proper clothing,

Thanks a million,


Imagine there’s a child living around the corner from you in Cork going hungry or walking to school without proper clothing, living in a house with no heating, or no hot water.

Think about it! It’s a fact!

Corks Red Fm’s help a Cork Child with Barnardos need your help

Please call 1850 413 413 , do it now !

Please give what you can, every single donation will go towards an improved live for a Cork child.

Barnardos supports children whose well-being is under threat, by working with them, their families and communities and by campaigning for the rights of children. Barnardos was established in Ireland in 1962 and is Ireland’s leading independent children’s Charity

No Cork child gets left behind

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