Sunday, March 04, 2007


Are you skint ? in need of a drink? got the occasional tendency towards slaying small animals in ceremonious blood drenched sacrifices to the dark side ?

Well then it's time to play the caption game ( cue cheesy gameshow themed music)

Win a 5 euro note , a box of tea bags , and tickets for Slayer in Cork this summer.

e-mail with your best caption for the above perplexing photo of a fake woman and a controversial Cork rugby pundit.

And by the way what the fu*k was Gorge hook doing launching MAC cosmetics ?

The man is a legend but he has a face like a blind cobblers thumb.

Maybe it's a clever marketing contrast , this is what you will end up looking like if you don't join Pam Anderson and splash out on our extravagant products.

Anyway send in your answers with " caption competition " as the subject to

You could be brewing a hot pot and headbanging with a crispy fiver in your back burner.

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