Friday, March 09, 2007


I need to vent about something, please bear with me….

Don’t know much about Mr Keith Duffy, what him of Boyzone fame and current MC on the telly for the “ you’re a star” show. A mate of mine, Jim, who also works in radio says he’s a cool enough guy, I’d trust Jim’s judgment, but I had a different experience with him during the week.

This is the way it works generally, you have a T.V. show that requires public P.R. so you hire a P.R. company, and they get in contact with radio stations and see if you wanna chat to the acts or the presenter. So at the Red Rooster daily production congregation it seemed like a good idea to have a chat with Keeeee Duffy and knock a bit a craic out of him. He was not able to do a live bit on the show so we needed to record him, but in order to record him we require his phone number so we can dial it from our computer in the studio and progress… ya still with me … good.

He called my mobile on “private number mode” and refused to give us his digits to call him back saying “ no waaaaay man, I don’t give me number ta no body , people do’s be ringing me and wrecking me head and annoying me bird “ … something to that effect , so I tried in vain to explain that if we cant call him back we cant record this interview, “ sorry man, no can do, I don’t give me number ta nooooo body “ and he hangs up.

In Keiths mind of course I should have have been able to record the interview on my own mobile phone , ya know , the new Nokia 55 50 with built in Pro -Tools and home studio ... W.T.F.?

Now, if I had just got of the phone with Mick Jagger or the Hoff I would calmly reflect on their global status as major figures in the fucked up world of celebrity and totally understand their situation, but this is Keeeeee Duffy acting like a pox bucket.

I was more fried about the fact that Lenny and I waited until 4 in the evening to do the interview (were in work since 5am at this stage)

I could have been down the orphanage finishing off that tree house I started building for the kids; Lenny cancelled his appointment to get his crack waxed, what a kick in the ball bag from someone who used to jump around in an orange boiler suit doing shite Donny Osmond covers.

F*ck you Duffy, I loved your work man.

Keep an ear out for our new sketch about "Keeeeeee" singing songs about his

Best of the RED ROOSTER tomorrow from 10 am.

Have a wicked weekend.

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