Thursday, July 12, 2007

With Cheese Please………….


Alright, so I went to see Mr Richie last night “ at live at the marquee”, just for a gawk, had a ticket and nout else to do, and a few older buddies, 80’s casualties “ they don’t make music like this anymore “ type folk were also going along.

He is the biggest block of Cheddar I have ever seen on stage, but he put on a good show

It was his whiter than white teeth and stretched 58 year old face that fascinated me. The dude looks like Jack Nicolson’s Joker character in the 1989 Batman movie. He has this “fuck you im loaded " grin about himself… cheese ball.

I spotted an elderly overweight Cork feen in an O2 hurling jersey breakdown to tears during “ three times a lady “, either he got his rocks of that tune at the back of the bike shed when he was 15 or he still really pissed about the Munster semi final result.

So that’s the end of it for 07.

As you know we are starved of really good gigs and events in Cork so if any developers should wander across this blog can you please do us all a favor “BUILD A FOOKING BIG CONCERT VENUE “instead of more poxy apartments, ya know, the ones you have peppered the with City already!

“Thank you please”

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