Monday, November 12, 2007

The weekend in Galway.

Happy Monday me oul muckers.

So I hit Galway for the weekend, wasting Friday evening down the Spanish arch ( not a Spaniard in sight ) I came across this little beauty on the front page of the Galway First free paper, it reads ….


“A well know TV star was involved in a shocking bust up in a top Galway hotel which left two staff members injured.
The popular star who can not be named for legal reasons was hauled away but not before he launched an attack on
Hotel staff “

This “star “accused one of the hotel staff of shagging his partner, he went bertie and started kicking the shit out of people.

“one employee was punched and knocked to the ground where horrifically the star held him in a head lock and began gouging at his eyes “

Pretty mad eh ???

But as you stroke the chin of uncertainly your asking the same questions as me … who was it??

Let's play Drunk Ass Roulette

Suspect may not actually be pictured ( t&c apply )

Or could it be .......


E said...

Im think that smug ******* Pat Kenny!!!

K C said...


Warm .. very warm :):)