Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kiss FM Castlebar 1994

It was inevitable that these snaps would surface at some point. This was the garden shed pirate giant Kiss FM in my home town Castlebar, my first radio gig !

It was set up by my buddy Tony G, who by coincidence is our head technical engineer here at RedFM today.

I know it resembles “ radio Borat “ but this was all we needed to cover the town. Mobile phones were not an option for broke secondary school kids, we used a phone box up the town to gather requests ( we sent a small gimpy lad on a racer bike to and from the phone box )

This was me on air, I know …” the fu*king head on ya “

Records, Tapes, Joe Bloggs jeans and some truly shocking music !

Tony G then .....

Tony G now .....

The lesson from the above pictures ??

Dont wear hay making jumpers and you might just cop off with Z list celeb !

And some engineer porn, the sherman aeral... she's a beaut!

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