Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tunes ba ! !

So here at the good ship Red fm we bring you some of the best specialist shows on Irish radio. Stevie G’s black on red is one of the best
Black music radio shows in the world – I listen to a lot of radio and I honestly believe is better then anything the BBC / 1 extra put out.

We also have Transmission with Colm “the trout “ O Sullivan on Fridays which is brilliant for new rock, dance and cool shit.

And the biggest names in Irish house music, Greg and Shane, the legends of Cork clubbing bring there Go Deep show to the masses. This
Show is syndicated world wide to Power FM Turkey with a potential audience of 50 million, its plays out in Canada, Spain and even 2fm in Dublin have signed it up for there weekend shows…but it started here on Red FM.

Greg and Shane celebrate 20 years of playing house in Cork this November and some massive parties are planned see www.fishgodeep.com

The tune below is a national anthem in Cork.

Romanthony – The Ball n Chain

Everybody ……….

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