Tuesday, June 17, 2008


A car covered with cloth is something you would associate with the Flintstones, not the cutting edge of 21st century automotive design.
But BMW's latest concept car is exactly that - and it can change shape at the touch of a button.
The Gina - which at first glance looks like any other flashy sports car - is encased in fabric instead of metal panels.

Open the door and the slinky fabric creases and wrinkles like skin.
Turn on the headlights and the covers peel up like giant eyelids - designed to make the sporty roadster more aerodynamic.

And its seamless skin - a single piece of durable fabric - can be morphed at the flick of a switch to suit its owner's mood, offering an aggressive or classic look.
BMW's Christopher Bangle said: 'This revolutionary solution opens up new design and production potential.
'The outer skin can move and do things a metal skin couldn't do.'
The German car maker's pioneering vehicle is based on the chassis of a BMW Z8

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