Tuesday, June 24, 2008

High Heels for Babies ?

When you think babies, you think nappies, bibs and plastic bottles. Now think leopard skin stilettos.

Two mums in the States have created high-heeled shoes for newly born babies. They're called Heelarious and come in six different styles - including hot pink, black and white stripes and leopard print.

One of the inventors, Britta Bacon, came up with the idea as she was on her way to a child's birthday. She began thinking it would be hilarious if she could bring her daughter to the party in high heels.

The shoes are made out of a soft fabric and have a satin finish. They come in sizes 0 to 6 months and cost around £18.

In the two weeks they have been on sale, the 31-year-old mums have sold more than 2,000 pairs to customers in London, Ireland, and Belgium. 50 stores across America are selling them and you can get them online too.

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