Thursday, June 12, 2008

Deepack Chopra... Life After Death ??

They say never meet your heroes, you will only be left deflated and disappointed. I don’t really have
A “ hero “ in a conventional sense, lots of people on radio I admire and rip off, a few cool TV people
I like , & to be honest there are just far too many heroes of music to mention ( Id love to Go on the piss with Dave Grohl and Stuart Zender , the original bass player with Jamiroquai )

Im a bit of a spirituality nerd, Ive read a lot of book ’s that have been rendered new age cheese , true to a point , but one dude has really opened my eyes to a lot of shit in life, Deepack Chopra.
He merges science and spirituality and makes it really accessible.

Some of his ideas are a bit mental .. But overall the guy Is amazing.

See what you think of these videos , and ignore the cheesy “ fan” photo.


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