Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jay Z ...Rocked it !

I honestly expected another lame live effort from one of hip hops biggest G's, just like that bag of shit 50 cent gig last year..... but not tonight.

5o came on stage last year with one other rapper and a guy on a hard disc player, that was it, worst show in live Cork concert history ( only went cause of the feebie ticket by the way - was never a fan )

Jay Z is a show man, class act. Full live band in matching suits, some guest dude at the start and amazing visuals and sound - f*ck, he is loud !

The whole package.

No cameras allowed into the gig, they took the batteries out of all cameras on arrival ... dont ask ...i got mine in, all those years in prision smuggling in cans of beer in me back passage was good training.

I took my life into my own hands taking these shots.

The word was Jay's people have total control over all coverage and recoring of the event, they say who takes what shots and when, hence the shit
pictures I took, outta focus and generally rubbish ( i had a 3 second window to get a picture taken before a bouncer crushed my head in )

All on all, really enjoyed it !

Stevie G did a top job too, holla ( as they say in hip hop land )

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