Saturday, July 05, 2008

Almost died in battle ......

So Dave Mac, Diarmuid and I put in a Red FM team for the Guinness cubed event in Cork a few nights ago.

First off, im shite at all sports, and really rubbish at this game, but it's unreal craic.

Three players on your team, three minutes to score three goals to win.

There is a really good demo video here ...

And another one for you to check below.

By the way we played 4 games that night and got hammered in each match, as a result I have a hurty knee and bruised thumb and tarnished sporting ego.


Peter Bowles said...

What about the civil defence!!!
we made it to the quarter finals, i woke up yesterday in agony tho :(

K C said...

HA .... im still in bits man.

Its hard work !