Monday, July 14, 2008

This guy ( in a cork city fc- redfm jersey ) loves Jessica....alot !


Kathy said...

This beautie is obviously still a virgin - bless him. He should really start setting his standards a bit lower, for a small time "actor", more like Biddy from Glenroe, Id say she might float his boat!!!!!!

K C said...

Where is your blog page Kathy ??

Cant find ya :)

Anonymous said...

aww isn't that cute?

Kathy said...

KC I dont do Bebo or blogs, I simply logged on because this poor young fella needs a reality check and being the person that I am I HAD to be the one to give it him!!!!!

Why do you want to see my blog page?????? wanna get a little more personal!!! ha ha only joking.

I listen to show every morning on my way to work from 7.50 to 8.20. Love the show.

PS I love Lennie's laugh. Cracks me up.

K C said...

oh ok ...

Tried to click on your thingy to see you page, thought you had to be a member to post reply.. obviously not!

Cheers for the ears :) x

Kathy said...

K.C what I meant to say was that I do have a blog set up but with no information in it only the basics because I dont have time to be chit chatting all the time. i am a busy woman. I had to set one up to reply to you.

Love the show, does your picture on the webside do you justice, you sound a lot sexier than that!!

Bye for now and I am very busy and important.

x :)

K C said...

Hey Legal eagle, you blog is rubbish, but i admire your efforts for sake of replying :)

Re pictures ...puk ugly, sorry to dissappoint :)

Blogging has theraputic qualities, you should get into it !

Later Skater