Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sales Rock !

I get into a state of panic in music shops that slash prices on DVD'S and cd's, you get some unreal deals. I have built my dvd and music empire on " sale" buying.

Had i bought the above pile on a normal trading day it would total 270 euro +

Below is my bargain buy list.


Alien & Predator all 7 movies.

Al Pachino collection ( sent of a young wan, scarface,carlitos way, sea of love )

Control ( the story of joy divisions Ian Curits )

American Warewolf in London ( freaky classic )

Battle Royal ( tartan aisa extream )

The Good Shepard ( pass a shitty wet Sunday some day )

Plaet Earth box set ( best tv ever made )


Johnny Cash greatest hits box set

Ricky Gervas ( all the pod cast radio shows on cd - unreal )

Late lounge - Chill box set

Elvis - the collection ( essential )

And 3 albums by the Smiths ( queen is dead, louder then bombs, & The Smiths )

All for ....

82 euro !

Thank you Zavi ( ex Virgin )

1 comment:

Erica said...

You do realise you have just provided Cork with your credit card details and expiry date... Sweet..... Happy shopping to me.... Bring on the wkd..... :)