Sunday, July 13, 2008

The way sport should be delivered - effin eddie :)

I remeber watching this when I was 15, my Dad got a copy of the tape which was already in it's 100th stage of duplication such was it's demand.People did not want it for the match in question, but for it's commentary. This old lad called Eddie
Maroney stepped in to take over the mic when no one else would do it.

What followed was to be the funniest commentary in the history of Irish

This clip is just a fraction of the madness.


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Kathy said...

KC I seen this years ago, my brother got it on VHS. The funniest thing I have ever seen. You can download the whole thing on You Tube. Whenever I am having a bad day in work, I go in and what this match. legendary stuff. Eddie Moroney will go down in History.