Monday, April 24, 2006


I’m gonna get shot for not keeping my blogger up to date, we were warned by the powers that be to keep these things fresh or face the wrath of “the blog father “

Victory Barry was handed the job of blog monitoring and was instructed to kick the shite out of us if we don’t stay on top of it…. Barry’s a huge man who knows wrestling moves and has a criminal record for crushing a mans skull in Lennox’s chipper once, never ever presume you can take chips off Vic Barry.

Cooper never turned up for work today – Leinsteritis me thinks. He is the only member of red fmstaff from Leinster, & after yesterdays provincial pounding in the rugby from a superior region its understandable he stays away. It was an amazing match, oceans of red jerseys and chants of “kill the fuckers - munster” overpowered and out numbered a half-hearted Leinster yesterday. I used to play rugby years ago, after a two way crushing tackle and a week in hospital it was the end of that career.

On the Red Rooster tomorrow win Sky plus for a year for free, PJ from naked camera is back on with us, and there is loads more happening.

I will leave you with this … its KC’s "look a likey" blogger feature,

Who would win in a fight between action hero Dave Mac from Red fm, & motor mouth d.j. Chuck Norris, Mmmmmm, he strokes the chin of uncertainty?

Answers in the comment box please,




Vic Barry said...

A two way crushing tackle? Was this on the field or in the changing rooms :)

kat said...

that's an easy enough query thingie! you, kc, would win. dunno how! i'll think of a solution later!!! oh, and HI VIC!!!!!!!