Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Tuesday,

We solved a personal enquiry of mine this morning on the Rooster, “what the hell is that bronze Elk statue doing on the hill as you drive
on the Mallow to Cork Rd”?? Wha
t’s that about like? Well as it turns out the Mr Sneaky theory is the one were going with, it suggests that thousands of years ago hundreds of Jackeens tried to invade Cork using Trojan Horse tactics, they failed on the grounds of an engineering flaw, they never drilled holes for the Jackeen invaders, they could not breath in the clean Corkionan air, so the silly gobshites suffocated, and to this day the bodies of hundreds of Dublin Warriors remain inside the Elk. Amazing or what?

Any”Cork Questions “you need answered just e-mail Rooster@redfm.ie

Tomorrow we have a really funny call from Gueedo the Australian prankster who breaks his ass “break dancing”

Again win Sky Plus free for a year, and J.D. on T.V. is with us.



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