Friday, April 07, 2006


Wicked !

I know shit loads of you get up very early for work, college or school everyday, but honestly I never thought I would take a gig that insisted on hitting the sack by 10 pm and getting up at 5am, that’s whyI Love Fridays.

The mid week social thing is a no go for me with the show,(although I did fall out of a gaff at 6am and into the show once, what a write off) Drunk F.M. is not encouraged in Red fm towers.

Had a great Phone Tap on the show today which we will replay on the “Best of the red rooster“ tomorrow morning after 10am. It was set up by a gang from a company in Cork that make magic” willy tablets” … ahem. That gang were at the recent Whales V Ireland rugby match, their mate Willie ( the irony) got into some really funny shit, I called him pretending to be the hotel manager from Dublin, oh the craic of it all.

Paul Cashman of Cashmans bookies in Cork gave us some handy tips for the Grand National tomorrow, so check that on the best of tomorrow morning. We also have Matt Molly, comedian Andrew Maxwell, and loads of other bits!

Been really busy putting together tonight’s specialist programming on Red Fm, from 8 check Greg n Shane on Go Deep for some block rocking house Cork style, im up at 10 tonight with guest Bob Sinclair & a 2 MANY DJ’S mix. You can also win tickets to see Soulwax ( 2manydjs) live in Cork so check that ok.

Check me bebo

Have a rocking weekend.

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Sam said...

well hello gorgeous!!! ha ha, strange in saying that though seeing as you look like a younger version of my uncle... i swear! i'll post his pic for you... yeah, thats all really... top tip, best way to warm your hands is to put 'em between your legs (or someone elses)... spare legs any1??... another thing. OMG!!! have you seen what stevie wonders wife looks like lately????!!! no? neither has he... ;)