Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Good craic on the rooster today, we were messing with sound boards. If you don’t have any friends this is the perfect way to pass your existence, put “sound boards” into google and play with conversation clips of audio, you can wind your mates up …. Oh shit what of you don’t have any??? … ah what ever.

Our sound board prank with Stewie from family guy booking into a Dublin hotel has being played on radio stations all over the world, plus we have a really funny prank call from our mate Jim Jim @ Dublins fm104 ( our fm cousins ) he used Al Pichinos sound board to wind up a guy called Ali

If you missed it check the best of the rooster on Saturday at 10 am, we will play it out again.

By the way the rooster pod cast is coming soon – were putting together a show with really hot new music and best bits from the rooster for you to download every week.



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