Monday, April 03, 2006

How’s the craic?

Hope you’re all cool.

Weekend was really good, did the usual trip to limerick for a dj gig @ Trinity Rooms on Friday night, its being a bit quite there since Paddy’s weekend, everyone seems to be broke or hospitalised after the annual green session. Monday passed off ok, good weather and lovely ladies vibe up the forthcoming summer buzz around Cork today, it’s a great country for talent spotting when the Sun hits.

We had a huge reaction to the first ever live Rap Battle on Irish radio, Cork rapper GMC taking on the red rooster ginger gee bag “Cooper man “, I was stunned at Coopers attempt , the man can spit wiggy wack ! Download the battle in full from tomorrow @ go to rooster page and look for downloads link.

From hip hop to hay rap… saw doctors are popping in tomorrow morning after 9am, their really good craic so check it out.

Until then…



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