Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today boys and girls Id like to talk about the dangers of Acid

Lysergic acid diethylamide....


Introduced by Sandoz Laborties as a drug with various psychiatric uses, LSD quickly became a therapeutic agent that appeared to show great promise. However, the extra-medicinal use of the drug in western world during the mid-twentieth century led to a political firestorm that resulted in the banning of the substance for medicinal as well as recreational and spiritual uses. Despite this, the drug is still considered in some intellectual circles to show a great deal of promise as a medicinal substance. A number of organizations—including the Berkley foundation, MAPS & others —exist to fund, encourage and coordinate its reasearch.

Please click the video below, this is what can happen when you take it.
By the way, for some reason people from my home town of Castlebar in Mayo are know as
" fishheads ", it dates back to the famine when people would serve up pots of .... you guessed it !

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